Family Photography:  Mari Sabra Photograph y

Family Photography: Mari Sabra Photography

I am a wedding, lifestyle, family & birth photographer based out of St.Pete /Tampa, Florida. Available for travel state-wide, nationally and internationally.

I consider my style to be cohesive with my lifestyle, both simple and unobtrusive…and a little bit spontaneous, because when photographing a wedding, a birth or even a family, nothing can ever be fully predicted or controlled and that right there is the beauty of documentary photography.

I like to call it as I see it.

When it comes to weddings, I thrive on being able to document the true chemistry between two people that have discovered love and even moreso the families that support that love, approached with grace and honesty. Weddings should be about just that, graceful and honest. Those casual glances of love between two people that no one else seems to notice? I consider it my job to notice!

When it comes to children and families, I like to think that I can represent families in the way that they are, the ways that you sometimes may not see, but wish that you could.

So, just think of me as a friend with a camera, documenting your lives and seeing the details that are often overlooked. Because sometimes pretending I’m not there is when the result becomes raw and honest; and those important details become more appreciated. 


Let's be friendsss! 


I’m a mama to two children, Scout (5) and Loie (3) and a wife to Jake ( 11 years). I understand these cycles in life… Love, Birth, Motherhood. Those things that make this life worth living, worth loving and worth remembering.



Birth Photography featured in: 

 Birth Without FearPopSugar MomsPeople Magazine OnlineBored PandaDaily Mail, CCTV AND MORE.