Mari Sabra Photography, Largo Florida


I am a wedding, lifestyle, family & birth photographer based out of Largo, Florida. Available for travel state-wide and nationally via school bus tiny home (skoolie).

My husband calls me a renaissance woman, I’m mean, NOT WRONG. But let’s be honest, this “about me” is not really going to tell you who I am. It will tell you that I love true crime podcasts (maybe a little too much) and copious amounts of black coffee. That I’m somewhere between a 6, 4 and 9 on the enneagram and that I believe I’m really good at documenting people in all aspects of life and love. But until we’ve met and made a real connection, these are just witty words on another photography website that I’m sure you’ve read dozens of times. So there you have it. If you feel like I could be someone you vibe with, let’s chat, I’ll buy you your beverage of choice while we talk about how not only can I photograph your wedding while simultaneously becoming your best friend, but I can pin boutonnieres, bustle gowns, carry bouquets, create timelines and be the “renaissance woman” of your wedding photography dreams.

If you do however need to know more about how I work, I’ll give you this:

I like to call it as I see it.

Those casual glances of love between two people that no one else seems to notice? I consider it my job to notice!

When it comes to children and families, I like to think that I can represent families in the way that they are, the ways that you sometimes may not see, but wish that you could. At least that's what I would want for my own family, the ways that we play and look at one another, the admiration and simplicity in gentle details, that's exactly what I look for when I’m photographing in any given situation. Some people take more direction getting there than others, but that’s what I’m here for!

So, just think of me as a close friend with a camera, documenting your lives and seeing the details that are often overlooked.

I’m a mama to two children, Scout (6) and Loie (4) and a wife to Jake (almost 12 years). I understand these cycles in life…

Incredible Love, Birth, Motherhood. 

Those things that make this life worth living, worth loving and worth remembering.